FDCMS Program Revision History


ADI FSID Rapid Page


Alarm Data Interface Revision History

[v1.0 12/2/00]
- Program originally released.

[v1.1 12/15/00]
- Enabled font control for terminal window.
- Condensed Dispatch option now available.
- ADI will override minimize command if modem reports an error.
- Checks for on-line presence of external modem and alerts user if a problem is detected.
- Increased maximum received line count to 500.
- CAD 'Entered' time replaced with CAD 'Received' time.
- Initializes modem each time port is opened.

[v1.2 1/16/01]
- Replaced 'Hangup String' with 'Answer String' on modem properties form.
- ADI now optionally transmits Answer String to modem at selectable intervals to help maintain survivability.
- Now sends all 'DISP' and 'ASST' units to FSID for alarm display.
- AOR and AIQ entries can be selectably categorized as "Alarm Close".
- Added Settings form to customize FD IDs.

[v1.3 1/27/01]
- Added Progress form that displays while evaluating transaction.
- Updated dispatch recognition routine.  ADI will now check the current transaction against the last 20 incidents in memory to determine if the transaction qualifies as a dispatch.
- Added capability to print a fixed number of copies of each Condensed Dispatch or ADI can print one copy for each unit assigned to the box.
- Rewrote Log File so it is only open when necessary. User control of log eliminated.
- ADI now creates \Logs folder under itself and stores all ADI log files there.   Files are archived by month.  ADI determines which log to write to based on the current date.
- Added .htm help file.
- Added Splash screen.

[v1.4 2/4/01]
- Added capability for user to select from several fields that can be printed on every Condensed Dispatch printout.
- Removed unneeded Fire and EMS DR Series ID fields.
- Agency prefix now locked on registered versions.
- Updated owner constants strategy.

[v1.5 2/21/01]
- Added ability for user to select which units receive Condensed Dispatch printouts.
- Changed 'About' box.

[v1.6 3/1/01]
- License violation detection now based on DR Series ID.
- Pressing F11 will temporarily ignore DR Series ID license violations. Used for testing purposes.
- Alarm Close no longer unintentionally printed following Condensed Dispatch print.
- Added ability for ADI to utilize Com Ports 5 - 16.
- External modem alarm disabled.

[v1.7 3/11/01]
- Enhanced print routine so as to recognize duplicate dispatches from CAD while only printing one copy of the Condensed Dispatch.
- Updated print routines so that extraneous text is not printed - both before and after CAD text.

[v1.8 3/16/01]
- Call termination no longer closes and then reopens the Com Port.
- Separation line now inserted between calls for clarity.

[v1.9 3/19/01]
- Verbatim dispatch and condensed dispatch no longer allowed to both be selected at the same time.
- Data that was not an alarm close no longer printed when Print Alarm Close is selected.
- Terminal window now truncated to 4K when it reaches16K full.

[v1.10 3/25/01]
- ADI now properly transfers Alarm.Dat  to FSID version 2.5 and higher.  Problem persisted when FSID was installed as a network client. 
- System tray icon now properly extinguished when program ends.

[v1.11 3/31/01]
- Splash screen can now be disabled on startup by appending /NOSPLASH to command line.

[v1.12 4/3/01]
- Message Box now advises the user of the consequences of shutting down when the user attempts to disable ADI. 

[V1.14 6/10/01]
- License violation shutdown routine disabled.  However, ADI will still display violation warning screen.
- Processed Line count no longer displayed in log prior to printing.
- Paging process now starts after transmission evaluation, if enabled.
- EvaluateData routine now enabled after Max Conn. Time disconnect.
- Event Stamp date and time reformatted.
- Capability to Auto-Reboot on a daily basis implemented.  Compatible with FSID version 2.6 and higher.

[v1.15 6/11/01]
- Alarm Close print option now available that will print a Close when the home department goes AOR/AIQ while on a mutual aid call.
- DR Series ID now changeable in unregistered versions.

[v1.16 6/17/01]
- New Auto-Reboot routine implemented to compensate for existing network connections.
- Removed "+++" and "ATH" commands from being transmitted by ADI while online. 
- All key presses prohibited from being sent to modem while online.
- Most forms unloaded prior to data evaluation in order to prevent modal problems. 

[v1.17 6/19/01]
- Added routine to temporarily close Commport for a predetermined amount of time so other communications programs can use ADI's modem.
- Removed all references to ModemType.

[v1.18 6/26/01]
- Internal changes: Moved CreateLogFolder to frmTerminal and added error routine; All assigned units in frmGeneralSettings now save as upper case.
- After instructed to disconnect, ADI will wait 5 seconds to allow CAD to disconnect first to avoid any online "garbage" (Forced Disconnect).
- Max Call Duration now only allows a value of 300 or greater.
- Removed all controls that allowed the user to manually disconnect the call in order to prevent any conflict with 911's modems.

[v1.19 6/29/01]
- Event stamp added to valid password event.
- Event stamp for "Session Started" now displays version, revision, owner and alphanumeric page option.
- Forced Disconnect time extended to 8 seconds.

[v1.20 7/19/01]
- Eliminated ADI's reliance on Notepad and Wordpad to display event logs. Implemented new form to read logs internally.
- Logs Heading added to top menu. 
- ComPort assignment conflicts now detected and prevented between ADI and ADIPage.
- ADIPage transfer file reduced from 25000 to 15000 bytes.

[v1.21 7/26/01]
- Changed all Msgbox controls so they are no longer modal and let background data continue without acknowledgement.
- Improved password form so new passwords now require a confirmation entry.

[v2.0 8/2/01]
- ADI upgraded to launch ADIPage.

[v2.1 8/20/01]
- Changed RTB from loading twice when viewing current month's log.
- Improved error handling routine when opening log file.

[v2.2 8/21/01]
- Enhanced Error message boxes so they now give procedure name.
- Added demo mode bypass.
- ModemCheck now recognizes disconnected external modems by monitoring CTS line.

[v2.3 9/17/01]
- Modem Check will no longer try to page if paging is not enabled on menu.
- Modem Check will now recognize and attempt to correct when DTR line is low.

[v2.4 10/17/01]
- Removed Print Settings from Status Bar. Function keys no longer control print settings.
- Added DTR status to Status Bar.
- Pressing F11 no longer drops DTR.

[v2.5 10/22/01]
- ADI now capable of being installed as an NT Service.
- Help file moved to its own folder under \FSID.
- Added remote command capabilities.

[v2.6 11/6/01]
- VIEWINIT added as remote command.

[v2.7 1/1/02]
- ADIPage now always integrated and included with ADI.

[v2.8 1/8/02]
- ALPH.DLL now allowed to reside in application directory and system directory. 
- Evaluation routines now properly read cross street information after 911 changed format.

[v2.9 7/4/02]
- Remote command SCREENOFF now stops recording log.

[v3.0 9/16/02]
- Added SMTP E-mail capability.
- Streamlined much of the code.
- Added CLEARPASSWORD remote command.
- Changed file size of ALARM.DAT

[v3.1 9/19/02]
- modemfail.wav will be played when ModemCheck is unable to rectify a modem problem. the wav file must be placed in the application directory.

[v3.2 10/1/02]
- Updated ADI so as to accurately evaluate the most recent changes made to received CAD data. 
- errorindata.wav is now played upon ADI detecting errors in EvaluateData subroutine.
- EvaluateData error handling improved.

[v3.3 10/22/02]
- ADI now properly terminates when PreviousInstance is detected.
- Updated method in which EvaluateData determines the last line of text.  
- Added Data Header Offset in EvaluateData so as to always interpret data properly.
- Removed Answer String field and appended SO=1 to end of each modem profile's init string in adi.mdm.
- Added On-site Diagnostic Routines. (Shift F7)
- Evaluation time extended from 30 to 60 minutes.

[v3.4 10/25/02]
- Added Event Stamp for Paging Acceptance.
- Fixed Form Close on frmemailevents and frmpagingevents.

[v3.5 11/8/02]
- Fixed: ADI would not page when CAD modem error was detected.

[v3.6 11/19/02]
- Added Event Stamp to ModemCheck subroutine. Disabled ModemCheck Error Routine.
- Restructured EventStamp and standardized throughout program.
- Restructured ErrHandler in mnuOpen subroutine.
- Added SVC indicator at session startup.

[v3.7 11/27/02]
- Refined the method in which the Event Log Viewer selects log files using combo boxes and command buttons.  Eliminated the menu from frmViewLog.

[v3.8 12/3/02]
- Terminal input (F12 Key) is now re-locked when ADI is minimized with a password.

[v3.9 1/29/03]
- Added UpDown controls to all numerical text box controls.
- Changed color of e-mail and paging event rule forms.
- Fixed answering problem with US Robotics modems with new Init strings. US Robotics modems will now report their model to ADI after initialization.

[v3.10 3/7/03]
- Changed Timer5 Polling to 1500ms.
- Added polling indicator.
- Fixed: ADI no longer closes when form is resized too small.

[v3.11 3/31/03]
- Added Find feature to Event Viewer.
- Freed up processing time during EvaluateData routine with DoEvents.

[v3.12 5/29/03]
- Remove Auto Reboot feature.
- Started designing Broadband interface. Not yet complete.

[v3.13 6/2/03]
- Fixed: Double Clicking icon on tray now brings up popup menu.

[v3.14 9/18/03]
- Option Maximize Upon Connect is now disabled when running ADI as a Windows Service.
- Modem status indicators on bottom status bar will raise or lower depending on condition.

[v3.15 10/1/03]
- Optimized ADI so that "tailgating" modem data from CAD will cancel the EvaluateData process and yield processing time to the receipt of the new data.
- Modem status indicators on toolbar are now added or hidden based on Recepmode.
- SMTP Port number is now user configurable.
- EvaluateData now properly strips extraneous data after the last valid line from CAD.
- Change Password text boxes now properly reset after msgbox display.

[v3.16 10/20/03]
- Polling Indicator timer corrected. Flashes yellow for modem and green for POP3.

[v3.17 11/11/03]
- Fixed menu so that modem/broadband properties are not accessible in limited access mode.

- Onondaga County 911 Center will now only send to stations the dispatch and a printout when that station's last unit is clear.

[v3.20 11/19/03]
- Removed Forced Disconnect routines from ADI.
- New owner customization routine written.
- All ADI customers received this upgrade at no cost.

[v3.21 11/24/03]
- Fixed: ADI properly disconnects at Maximum Duration time.
- Fixed: Maximize Upon Connect option now operates correctly without causing fatal error upon maximize.

[v3.22 12/1/03]
- Added capability of administrator selecting whether Limited Access user can view logs or temporarily close the Com port via the Security Settings form.
- Added Change password button to Security Settings form.
- Moved NoCtrlAltDel option to Security Settings form.
- Added remote ModemCheck status to //ViewInit command.
- [modemOpen] will now toggle DTR to disconnect so as to not send FD init commands back to 911.

[3.23 12/10/03]
- Fixed: Limited Access User form now properly displays.
- Fixed: Supplemental Data processing no longer leaves frmProgress on the screen.
- Added frmPrintSelector and support for multiple printers. 
- Removed unused menu print switches and mnuPrinterSelector.

[v3.24 12/23/03]
- Added SMTP E-mail capability on dispatches.
- Added Address/Group Assignment edit button to frmEmailSetup.
- Added ability for user to decide whether sent E-mail is formatted in Normal or Pager/Cellular condensed format via the Text Format field.

[v3.25 1/8/04]
- Now install all Active X support files in application path as opposed to /System/ folder.

[v3.26 3/1/04]
- Added complete TCP/IP protocol .
- Added TCP/IP capability to CheckRemoteCommands subroutine.
- Removed all POP3 subroutines.
- Fixed: Up/Down controls on Properties form so they operate correctly with associated data fields.
- Fixed: Printer names no longer double load in Print Selector when form looses and then regains focus.
- Removed 'At the Hospital' paging event selection.

[v4.0 3/30/04]
- TCP/IP is 100% complete.
- Help file is up to date.
- Added Error Handling to all procedures.
- Removed No Ctrl-Alt-Del procedures since it only worked on Win98 OS.

[v4.1 4/8/04]
- Redesigned code so as to allow multiple instances of ADI to run. First instance has full control and is the designated receiver. Subsequent instances run as slaves and are only allowed to change some settings.  Beneficial when master is run as a Windows Service.
- Changed startup window selector so that it is now on the General Settings form as opposed to the menu.

[v4.2 4/15/04]
- Fixed: Error code #8005 when the [LoadReg] subroutine was activated has been suppressed. 

[v4.3 5/19/04]
- Re-wrote Windows Service subroutines. ADI now properly stays running when user logs off.
- Migrated frmService routines over to frmTerminal. 
- Added a Stop ADI Service option under the File menu.
- Fixed: Resolved Error #67 - Too many files. EventStamp was not closing log file after CheckModem was executed.

[v4.4 5/30/04]
- Incorporated service install/uninstall routines in to top menu. Command line routines still maintained.
- Allowed installer to create program icons on desktop.
- Only one instance of ADI allowed to run at once unless /MI switch is appended on command line.

[v4.5 6/2/04]
- Fixed: Program now properly terminates in Conventional mode when password exists and in full access mode.

[v4.6 6/5/04]
- Enhanced printer error descriptions so as to remind user to check printer paper path and ink/toner status.

[v4.7 6/15/04]
- Added hourglass mouse pointer when saving reception properties form.
- Fixed: Temp Com Port Close now disables properly in limited access mode when set in Security Settings.
- Installed Service Pack 6 in VB6.0

[v5.0 7/5/04]
- Integrated Incident Database in to ADI

[v5.1 7/13/04]
- Added user-selectable color coding in Incident Listing Status column.
- Re-arranged some columns for clarity in Incident Listing window.

[v5.2 8/1/04]
- Changed program icon.
- Added button to Modem Properties screen that now automates the saving of the Initialization String.
- Database Incident column now appears bold if its status is Close.
- User now able to view other year's data in the ILDB.
- FSID v5.0 voice features require this version of ADI for full compatibility.

[v5.3 8/24/04]
- Added routine in frmData.LoadDatafile to shut ILDB functions down when problem with ADO.
- Changed Status field descriptions in frmData to "Dispatched", "Active" and "Closed".
- Added 'Processed' and 'Responding Unit Time' fields in ADILog for 3rd party software vendor use.
- Fixed: Timing issues in frmEmail.
- Fixed: frmAlarm will now properly load dbf when it is not loaded.

[v5.4 9/2/04]
- User can now manually change Status field of database by right-clicking it.

[v5.5 9/23/04]
- Added fields to database for optimum compatibility with NFIRS vendors.

[v5.6 10/17/04]
- Began to add IDEX Server functionality.
- Added several fields to adilog.mdb in order to streamline NFIRS import process.

[v5.7 10/27/04]
- Added several fields to database in order to streamline import process.
- Rearranged database columns.
- [CreateADILogFile] routine moved to module level. ADI will end if adilog.mdb is not found in app folder when needed.
- Added Valid Street Type field to frmDatabaseSettings.
- Resolved double-email issue.
- E-mail xmit sequence now waits for database operations to cease before executing.

[v5.8 11/4/04]
- Updated frmAddData so that it more accurately reflects the NFIRS times of a mutual aid given incident.
- Added Disable Full Menu option to Menu.
- Added MsgBox for limited access user when attempting to close an incident.

[v5.9 11/8/04]
- Added 9600 baud modem init strings to pre-configured modem list.

[v5.10 11/11/04]
- Fixed: Version 5.8 and 5.9 will overwrite existing year database listing when lesser year is requested in frmData. Changed error handling in frmData_LoadDataFile to rectify.

[v5.11 11/14/04]
- Added Display Data Window Maximized to tray icon menu.
- Added objects to select NFIRS Vendor in frmDatabaseSettings.
- fraChangeYear in frmData is now properly centered based on frmData width.

[v5.12 12/04/04]
- Incident Display Listing no longer reports db errors when switching to a nonexistent data year.
- Incident Display Listing now displays CloseAOR/AIQ and CloseAOR/AIQMutualAid incidents as green.
- frmSecurity option added to allow LA user ability to forcefully close incidents.
- Added padlock icon to status bar when in LA mode.
- Added PassThru mode to allow user to direct any received data to the manual printer. Minimal data processing occurs.
- Added capability to export incident data files to FIREHOUSE Software.
- Pre-configured modem list updated.
- Print Selector vehicle ID box extended to six characters.
- Added MSHLexGrid for Street Type Alias' in frmDatabaseSettings.
- Added frmDatabaseMaint which enables the user to Backup, Compact and Repair files.
- Added adisupp.mdb to ADI.

[v5.13 12/16/04]
- Added IncidentTypeNFIRS field to adilog.mdb
- Automatically creates \Local folder.
- Removed database repair function due to faulty reference.
- Completed NFIRS Incident Type table on frmDatabaseSettings.
- Changed all TIMsgBox functions to GetSystemWindow.
- Fixed arrival time entry in export file.

[v5.14 12/26/04]
- Fixed Valid Street Type table on frmDataSettings. Alias column now properly saves (since v5.13).
- Added capability to sort Incident Listing by double-clicking column header.
- Added Sort option on menu of frmData.
- Made most manually initiated forms Modal. Forms that are showed without user intervention must not be Modal.

[v5.15 1/2/05]
- Fixed: Data no longer becomes unsorted when incident display window closes in frmData.
- frmData now has a sort option for Alarm Date/Time.
- Added data file backup and restore functions using WinZip.
- Added Save Window Position to View menu.
- Fixed: Error # 9 in frmAddData_ParseAlarm.

[v5.16 1/17/05]
- Added Repeat Mode feature.
- Added ADI Checksum error check / acknowledgement functions to TCP/IP routines.
- Disallowed blank incident types from being added to NFIRS Incident Type table.
- Change: 'Dispatch' entries in the status field of the Incident Listing no longer flash.

[v5.17 2/10/05]
- 'Esc' Key no longer closes frmData and does close frmDataIncidentDisplay.
- ADI now references MDAC 2.8 instead of MDAC 2.5.
- \Templates folder created by installer. ADIlog.mdb and ADILocal.mdb templates stored in \Templates folder.

[v5.20 3/4/05]
- Removed all dial-out paging capabilities.
- Replaced all SMTP forms with new Notif. forms.
- Introduced SCGrid to application.

[v5.21 3/5/05]
- Fixed errorcheck hangup when pressing 'OK' on frmNotifProviders.

[v5.22 3/22/05]
- Added ability to export EMS incident data to Export Option.

[v5.23 3/26/05]
- Added SMTP Authentication to Notification routines.
- Fixed: SMTP errors no longer create multiple error entries in log.
- All 'Add' buttons on notification forms have been changed to 'New' for clarity.

[v5.24 3/29/05]
- frmNotif now sends multiple recipients during single connection.
- frmAddData will no longer allow duplicate units in collections.
- Added 'ASSTOS' to collection routines in frmAddData.
- Removed 'Rounds Sent' field from frmNotifUsers since email servers will not allow duplicates.

[v5.25 4/2/05]
- frmGeneralSettings now standardized amongst all counties.

[v5.26 4/6/05]
- frmGeneralSettings: added SSTAB, brought both Window options from menu.
- frmNotif: Added Trace function to SMTP. Corrected when ADI would try to send recipient when there was none in array.
- frmAddData: Converted Street name and Caller's name to proper case when exporting.

[v5.27 4/13/05]
- ToName in frmNotif now reflects Alert Group name.

[v6.0 4/17/05]
- Alarm.dat increased to 50.
- Express Printing incorporated into ADI.
- frmAddData now properly formats newly added incident type codes. 
- Added DSR logging option in Troubleshooting section.

[v6.1 4/22/05]
- Fixed: Notification back on after change in v6.0.

[v6.2 4/27/05]
- SMTP Notif array now controlled by local (as opposed to global) variable.
- frmNotifProviders: Added Subject field option.

[v6.3 4/30/05]
- Group Name error checking enhanced on notification forms.
- Fixed: SMTP Message fields are now properly formatted per provider.
- Added Auto Log-Off Feature.

[v6.4 5/1/05]
- Added ability for ADI to recognize and then resend updated incident types for the same incident #.
- Streamlined the Load Defaults routine on the Database Settings form.

[v6.5 5/3/05]
- Preconfigured modem strings now retrieved from ADISupp.mdb.

[v6.6 5/10/05]
- Added Maximum Addresses field to frmNotifProvider limit the maximum number of recipients per outgoing message.

[v6.7 5/11/05]
- Made sure To: field of all outgoing messages is populated in frmNotif due to the fact that some providers (Verizon) will filter blank fields.

[v6.8 5/14/05]
- Fixed: Resolved errors with new received incident types after user had previously adjusted Notification Incident Types.

[v6.9 5/17/05]
- Changed all references to yahoo.com to fdcms.com.
- Livingston: Mapped 'Nature of Call' and 'Additional Info' fields.

[v6.10 5/18/05]
- ADI now resolves to microsoft.com as opposed to fdcms.com. Host was down too often.

[v6.11 5/21/05]
- Fixed: Communications menu option was not displaying properly when switching back to Full Menu. Auto Log-Off timer now resets when either Terminal or Data windows have focus.
- Chester: Changed Manual Close reference from 'Location' to 'Incident'. 

[v6.12 5/24/05]
- Fixed: Chester, Livingston, Montgomery: No longer are required to prefix a unit ID with the Station ID in frmPrintSelector.
- Create Folders option added to General Settings form that allows anti-virus software to not flag ADI for running a script.

[v6.13 5/27/05]
- Authentication field in registry is now encrypted.

[v6.14 5/30/05]
- Livingston: Appended ORI to Inc# in order to keep it unique.
- Livingston: Assigned Agencies field now recognizes ALS agencies.
- All printed reports reformatted.

[v6.15 6/1/05]
- Livingston: Data Export routines now segregated by ORI.

[v6.16 6/5/05]
- frmDataGridConfig added.
- Incident Listing now completely configurable. Dispatches now display as red text in every field.

[v6.17 6/9/05]
- Added UpdateStationStatus routine to Module2.

[v6.18 6/19/05]
- Moved Status column color coding option settings to frmDataGridConfig.
- Added Date and time fields to UpdateStationStatus routine.

[v6.20 7/1/05]
- Added capability to suppress "Call Received" log entry. Useful when 911 Center's modem does not interject a delay after negotiating connection with target modem.
- Livingston: Corrected/Refined some export fields.
- Added Received Time field to ADIIncidentdef.

v6.21 7/2/05]
- Renamed .def files to reflect current version of ADI.
- Added associations to Incidentdefv6.

[v6.22 7/2/05]
- Added row height setting to IL grid.
- Dispatch rows now have red background.

[v6.23 7/5/05]
- Added 'Clean' function to Data File Maint. so as to delete all records in the selected IL database file that have an empty Incident or Location field.
- Fixed: Local database file now properly created at program startup (since frmData's new grid control).

[v6.24 7/18/05]
- Corrected misspelled word --> Unusable.
- Reversed logic on new "Call Received" suppression switch.
- Corrected record shading on Incident Listing grid.

[v6.25 7/28/05]
- Added Radio functionality.

[v6.26 7/30/05]
- Added CTS Status Logging toggle on Troubleshooting form.
- Reworked CTS logic in Timer5 routine.

[v6.27 8/3/05]
- frmData now recognizes older db file formats and reduces field display selections appropriately.
- Livingston County: NFIRS data export filters have been disabled in order to allow all types of data formats sent from dispatch to be recognized.

[v6.31 8/11/05]
- Evaluatedata routine now run when radio receives a form feed.

[v6.32 9/13/05]
- Livingston Co: Altered License Violation trigger sensitivity due to streaming call data from dispatch center.

[v6.33 10/7/05]
- Altered routine in frmAddData.RecommendIncidentType so that Type subsets would be individually distinguished.

[v6.50 10/13/05]
- Added 'From911' Messaging capability.

[v6.51 11/4/05]
- Onondaga County: Corrected RecommendIncidentType so that pre-existing incident types are not re-added to the db.
- Livingston County: Core incident type list updated. Users wishing to upgrade must delete adiLocal.mdb and adiNotif.mdb from their \Local folder.

[v6.52 11/6/05]
- Added an option to the Notification User's Profile form that allows you to select whether a specific user will receive more than one notification for an incident at the same location and of the same incident type if both transmissions are received within 5 minutes of each other. The time interval limit can be adjusted on the General Options form. This option was requested by the Geneseo Fire Dept. in order to minimize text messaging traffic to individual members.

[v6.53 8/20/06]
- Corrected notification field separator where it would generate multiple error #3265 in the SMTP log on each transmission.

[v6.54 8/27/06]
- Added prompt that will take logged in user to Database Settings screen when no Unit IDs exist.

[v6.55 9/3/06]
- Changed Notification option from On-Call Administrator to ADI Administrator.
- Livingston and Genesee: Rewrote License Violation routines so that only alarm closes are closesly monitored.
- Livingston and Genesee: Rewrote Assigned Agencies and Assigned Units routines.

[v6.56 9/16/06]
- Genesee: Apartment # field now parsed out of Location field.

[v6.60 10/1/06]
- Added Ignore DR / ORI field to frmDatabaseSettings so that user can filter out nuisance incidents.
- Re-enabled Message Options in frmNotifUser.

[v6.61 10/14/06]
- Station Unit fields no longer prohibit vehicles whose IDs don't match (or have) a station or agency prefix from being entered. This restriction has been lifted for all countys except Onondaga.
- Montgomery and Chester: Added Prior Premise History to Condensed Dispatch report.
- SMTP Trace entry no longer displays in log if notification is disabled.
- Livingston: EvaluateData no longer reports an error when multiple ORI's are assigned.

- Notification subject field now displays alarm location on dispatch.

[v6.62 10/21/06]
- Added 'seconds' to the name of each .ETRACE file generated.

[v6.63 10/23/06]
- frmNotifProviders: Added Cross Street field to Dispatch Fields. Changed 'Static Settings' tab heading to 'Common Settings'.
- Montgomery, PA: Complete rewrite.

[v6.64 10/25/06]
- frmNotifUsers: Space character no longer allowed in user's e-mail address.
- Default notification providers now included in adiNotif.mdb.

[v6.65 10/27/06]
- frmNotifProviders: Now checks for duplicate domain suffix when adding.

[v6.67 11/2/06]
- frmNotifIncidentTypes: Added hourglass when listbox is being populated.
- frmDatabaseSettings: Widened form.  

[v6.68 11/8/06]
- frmNotif: Newly discovered incident types are now sent out at time of discovery.

[v6.69 12/2/06]
- frmNotifIncidentTypes: Suppressed Error #94 when Auto Assign Incident Type was disabled. Also, speeded up lstbox parse time.

[v6.70 12/3/06]
- Latitude and Longitude fields added to adiLog.mdb. Files affected:frmDatagridConfig, frmData, Module2 and frmAddData. sAlarminfo() increased to 75.

[v6.71 12/10/06]
- Onondaga: NFIRS incident type code now properly parsed.
- XML data file (ISFeed.xml) created after receipt of each transmission
for IDEX Server.
- All file dialog objects now prompt with current file location.

[v6.72 1/6/07]
- ISFeed.xml updated.
- Maximum addresses per domain increased to 250 in frmNotif.

[v6.73 1/9/07]
- Added Modem Status Query String text box on the modem properties form. This was necessary to accomodate the USR 33.6 Fax/modem.

[v6.74 1/22/07]
- FF# field now accepts alphanumeric characters in User Details screen.
- T-mobile added to list of Providers.

[v6.75 1/31/07]
- Modem Supervision routines completely rewritten.
- Genesee Co: USR 33.6 Faxmodem added.
- Cellular One added to default notification providers.

[v6.76 3/4/07]
- Remote command //ViewInit now shows a more comprehensive picture of the modem settings.
- Montgomery Co: Added functionality for the Motorola Print-Pal receiver.

[v6.77 3/10/07]
- Montgomery Co: Incident Type Description is now parsed from the received data as opposed to ADI's IT database in order to obtain more detailed descriptions.

[v6.78 3/17/07]
- UNITS field in tblAssignedUnits of adilog.mdb has now been converted to MEMO type in order to accommodate dozens of assigned units.
- Montgomery Co: Full CAD Incident Description is now reported without clipping characters.
- Montgomery Co: Commonplace Name is now parsed.
- Montgomery Co: Event Comments now includes associated times.

[v6.79 3/25/07]
Montgomery Co: Event Comments again excludes associated times.
Montgomery Co: Two-character Incident Types now properly recognized.

[v6.81 4/8/07]
Montgomery Co: Dispatch Time field now populated by Received Time if empty. Cross Street entered in Incident Listing database field 'Location Info'. Map field assigned to Fire Box.

[v6.83 4/22/07]
- New default installation location is C:\Program Files\FDCMS.
- Output To FSID option added on General form. Master FSID Location field added so that ADI and FSID no longer have to be installed in the same folder.
- FSID.pcs is no longer accessed by ADI.

[v6.84 4/23/07]
- Removed 'adi.mdm' from file backup list.

[v6.85 4/25/07]
- New default installation location is C:\Program Files\FDCMS\Alarm Data Interface.
- Now using Inno Setup as new installer program.
- Routines added to copy legacy database and log files over from C:\Program Files\Fire Station Information Display.

[v6.86 4/29/07]
- Added a Windows System Properties button to frmProperties.
- Added frmModemLineTest which allows user to test physical phone line.

[v6.87 5/9/07]
- Added 'NOMODEMCHECK' and 'NOSAVEINIT' modem attribute checking to frmProperties.
- Noisy IP timeout errors have been suppressed.

[v6.88 5/17/07]
- Variable X is no longer global.
- frmDataIncidentDisplay was updated.

[v7.0 5/31/07]
- OnondagaNY: Added CAD Messaging capabilities.
- Added Real-time Dispatch Notification Debounce Window
- WinSock receive is disabled during database and notifcation processing.
- Added Initialize routine to frmIncidentTypes.

[v7.1 6/1/07]
- Record Logger now shuts off each night at midnight. Event logs are no longer carried over from previous month.

[v7.2 6/3/07]
- Notification routine now tries three times before failing a connection with customer's SMTP server.

[v7.3 6/8/07]
- OnondagaNY: Hospital enroute and arrive times now implemented.
- OnondagaNY: Non-Fire/EMS units assigned to incident are no longer counted as mutual aid.

[v7.4 6/9/07]
- OnondagaNY: Entered Time now always copies Dispatch Time.
- ChesterPA: Unit status 'CLEAR' is now recognized as an alarm close. Dispatch doesn't always 'CLOSE' the incident.

[v7.5 6/13/07]
- Exported Incident Numbers now pass the last five digits of the county's incident number. Previously, it only passed the last four.
- ADILOG.MDB database format changed: IncidentNFIRS field size adjusted up to 50.

[v7.6 6/16/07]
- ADI will now properly submit the correct NFIRS Incident # in the Incident Listing Database, regardless of the database field size.

[v7.7 6/18/07]
- All Temp variables are now local to their respective Procedures.
- IP Ping routine added.

[v7.8 6/23/07]
- OnondagaNY: Added Close Summary printing report.

[v7.9 6/24/07]
- IP Ping return string updated.

[v7.10 6/24/07]
- WB, EB, NB and SB all added as valid Street Suffixes.
- Error 388 now suppressed in frmTerminal.Form_Activate.
- tblRespondingUnits Enroute Time field now properly displays the time.
- ChesterPA: Now recognizes eight character unit IDs.
- ChesterPA: Latitude and Longitude parsing fixed.

[v7.11 7/4/07]
- Text messaging formatting is now based on Profiles, not Providers. This will allow multiple message formats to be maintained under the same provider.
- Text message duplication has been eliminated.
- Updated data editing logic on the Notification Provider Setup form.
- Corrected outbound text messaging issue where dispatches would not always go out if there was an Incident Type Code mismatch.
- OnondagaNY: Added HTML filters to Address and Location Info fields.
- OnondagaNY: Error 3704 (database closed) in AddtblIncidents has been corrected.
- OnondagaNY: If Location field is empty then fill with Commonplace name.

[v7.12 7/7/07]
- Added option to only print the first received incident close report on the General Settings form.
- OnondagaNY: Added Agency Code Ignore field functionality.

[v7.13 7/14/07]
- Corrected issue where Summary Close report would print for all call types, not just Incident Closes.
- Modem test dial wait time increased by two seconds.

[v7.14 7/19/07]
- Disabling the Notification Enabled menu option will now prompt the user to be sure they want to actually shut Notification functions off.

[v7.15 7/24/07]
- OnondagaNY: Parsing routines optimized for modem reception. This is the minimum version that agencies receiving data via modem should be running.

[v7.16 8/22/07]
- OnondagaNY: First character of Incident Event Description is no longer truncated when ADI sees a new two-character Incident Event Type.
- OnondagaNY: 'AQ' added as unit status code.
- Dispatch Notification Debounce Time Window now properly spans midnight.

[v7.17 9/1/07]
- OnondagaNY: Modem drivers have been updated to operate with the County's new MultiTech modems.

[v7.18 9/9/07]
- Added button 'Clear Printing Selector Settings' on General Settings Troubleshooting form. This will clear out all printer settings and configurations in the Printing Selector.
- Updated all TIMsgBox commands so as not to stop polling process.

[v7.19 9/14/07]
- Added 'Initialize Data Files' button on General Settings Troubleshooting form to correct 'no pages' and Error #94 upon dispatch.

[v7.20 9/22/07]
- Corrected Errors 40020 and 9 in routine [frmTerminal_Winsock_ConnectionRequest] when ADI was run as a Service and nobody was logged in. This was only noticable when the Client filter was set at the first or third option.
- OnondagaNY: Corrected issue where new Incident Type is not added to database.

[v7.21 9/30/07]
- Added illegal character filtering routine in [frmDataGridConfig] so that users will not get an error when these wrong characters are used to rename a column.
- Added button 'Clear All Program Settings' on General Settings Troubleshooting form. This will clear all program settings that are stored in the Windows Registry.

[v7.22 10/13/07]
- Alarm.Dat has been refined so that FSID always reads the incident type correctly.
- Incident Type pre-programmed audio pronounciations are now carried over to adiLocal.mdb from adiSupp.mdb.
- LivingstonNY: LV routines have all been eliminated.
- MontgomeryPA: Assigned Units routine now properly displays in FSID and database.

[v7.23 11/4/07 ]
- Added option to send all outbound messages as high priority. Option is located on the Common Settings tab of the Notification Profile form.
- Multi-line fields are no longer truncated to one line in the Condensed Dispatch report.
- Condensed Dispatch font size is no longer derived from the ADI Printer Font setting.
- MontgomeryPA: Fire Box field is now correctly derived from the CAD 'Plan' field.
- MontgomeryPA: Enhanced received data recognition routines so as to properly recognize and process close reports for agencies with multiple stations.

[v7.24 11/11/07]
- Optimized the UpdateStationStatus routine for speed.

[v7.25 11/17/07]
- Data Export feature no longer duplicates unit IDs if more than one close report comes in.

[v7.26 12/17/07]
- //SHOWTIME added to remote command menu.
- 'Polling' has been added as a Reception Method.
- 'Initialize Data Files' routine on the General Settings form no longer will fail if another Notification form was previously opened.
- LivingstonNY, GeneseeNY: Municipality (Venue) now recognized.
- Notification message time now correctly displays time based on local time zone.

[v7.28 12/29/07]
- OnondagaNY: Revised the EvaluateData routine to ignore preceeding printer control codes from CAD.

[v7.29 1/3/08]
- OnondagaNY: Revised the EvaluateData routine so that there are now two methods to identify a cleared incident.

[v7.30 1/5/08]
- A Provider Actions tab was added to the Notification Profiles form. This tab contains a drop down that allows the user to duplicate an existing profile.
- OnondagaNY: The 'Station' selection in the Notification Profile Dispatch Fields grid is now assigned to the host agency of the incident.

[v7.32 1/18/07]
- Incident Listing Grid now properly sorts date when Sort By: Dispatch Date/Time is selected.
- LivingstonNY, GeneseeNY, BroomeNY: Dispatch Time and Dispatch Date fields , when absent from dispatch report, are now populated with Report date and time.
- LivingstonNY, BroomeNY: Short Incident Type Codes are no longer mistaken for longer length codes. Prior to fix, non-assigned alert groups may have been activated.

[v7.33 2/2/08]
- The width of the FinalTypeText field of ADILOG.mdb was increased from 50 to 100.
- MontgomeryPA: AddtblIncident routine now records any offending field upon error.
- NassauNY: Released.
- WayneNY: Pre-released.
- OnondagaNY: Municipality field appended to the location field data in Incident Listing.
- A new 'Municipality' field has been added to ADILOG.mdb.

[v7.34 2/7/08]
- Option to replace incoming Line Feeds with Carriage Returns was added on Troubleshooting tab.

[v7.35 2/19/08]
- POP3 polling capability added to ADI.
- ChesterPA: Incident Type codes updated.
- BroomeNY: ADI re-tooled from Modem to POP3.
------------------------------- All versions prior to 7.35 require full installation in order to update. -------------------------------------------------------
- Added left side margin selector which affect Condensed Dispatch, Verbatum Dispatch, Supplemental, Close and Close Summary printouts.
- Call taker and supplemental entry lines now will wrap on the above printouts.

[v7.36 2/24/08]
- WayneNY: Beta released for testing.
- Added option to maintain exported incident numbers for both fire and EMS when CAD system does not support a conventional numbering system.

[v7.37 2/27/08]
- Updated EMS Response export definition file.
- Updated export routines to more accurately convey times from CAD system.

[v7.38 3/4/08]
- Updated POP Polling routine to accomodate lower bandwidth connections.
- Added POP Connection Timeout setting on Troubleshooting tab.

[v7.39 3/30/08]
- Added options to selectively notify users on 'Fire Chief Only' type calls in counties that include assigned unit information on dispatch.

[v7.40 4/8/08]
- PrintIt subroutine enhanced to prevent excessively long data lines from being wrapped down to the next line. This was also affecting the saving of incidents in the database.

[v7.41 4/30/08]
- Added a received data Control Character Filter to the Troubleshooting form.
- Montgomery, PA: Notification location, if empty, will be populated with cross street first and commonplace name second.
- Montgomery, PA: Added option to flag incident as closed upon receipt of the first Clear Report from CAD.

[v7.42 5/17/08]
- Added Enroute To and At Hospital times on Close Summary Report.
- Montgomery, PA: Databse entry errors are now displayed in log as oposed to popups.

[v7.43 5/26/08]
- Increased delay in routines so that subsequent TCP/IP dispatches are not accepted until ADI has finished transacting with the SMTP server.

[v7.44 6/1/08]
. ADI is now configured to block inbound TCP traffic until other processes have stopped.
- Onondaga, NY: Fixed problem where ADI would lockup when exporting to FireHouse.

[v7.45 6/9/08]
- Montgomery, PA: Database errors only log once-no more repeating.

[v7.46 6/29/08]
- Wayne, NY: Corrected bug that would truncate any lines below the last one that had the word 'REPORT' in it.
- Wayne, NY: Suppressed error in [frmNotif.ParseAlarm] that would occur whenIn Service time was blank.

[v7.47 7/12/08]
- Notification Enabled option now more clearly describes its toggled status.
- Livingston, NY: Fixed issue where Dispatch Date would show incorrectly if CAD did not send a DISPATCH field.

[v7.48 8/9/08]
- Printing error message box popups have all been eliminated on automatic print routines in order to prevent any subsequent processes from firing.
- Livingston, NY: ADI now supports POP3 data reception.

[v7.49 8/23/08]
- Onondaga, NY: Incident date parser has been re-written. Fixes bug where incorrect date may display when incident spans midnight.
- Montgomery, Pa: Fire Box field can now be mapped to either the Map or Plan fields.

[v7.50 9/14/08]
- All county versions were merged and will be selectively extracted at compile time.
- Added a Connection Success Rate indicator to the POP3 log. This indicator will sample all connection errors (both logged and not logged) from the top of each hour. Any time the rate is less than 100% an entry will be inserted in to the log.
- POP Polling is now suspended while SMTP traffic is going out.

[v7.51 10/2/08]
- SMTP SendEmail routine has been rewritten so that the recipients of each notification profile are grouped in to one email message. The 'Maximum Recipents per Connection' setting sets a limit on how many recipients can be placed in a notification group before the remaining recipients are added to subsequent email connections.
- Repeat Mode code has been rewritten to now make three attempts on "down" servers.
- Fixed code in PollPop3Server routine that would not restart main polling timer after an error.

[v7.52 10/5/08]
- A Printer Output Delay setting has been added to the Troubleshooting form to allow an agency to control the delay between multiple printed documents.
- A Comments/Suggestion box has been added under the Help menu.

[v7.53 10/18/08]
- Removed CheckRemoteCommands functionality.

[v7.55 11/11/08]
- Added web service integration between ADI and our servers.
- Login form will now email the agency's designated contact person with password after three unsuccessful attempts to login.
- Contact Information Maintenance Form created to allow designated contact person to keep FDCMS updated with their information.
- Web services are now used to define profiles for each station via an Agency Key.



FSID Revision History
[v1.2 9/19/00]
- Program originally released.

[v2.0 11/23/00]
- Multiple cosmetic fixes. Now compatible with ADI.

[v2.1 12/15/00]
- Alarm screen 'Entered' timer changed to 'Received'.
- Screen 3 schedule heading now user configurable.
- 'Checking Mailboxes' message no longer remains on screen when all mailboxes are empty.

[v2.2 1/28/01]
- Alarm screen will now alternate the FireBox and units assigned to the box.
- FSID.htm help file added.
- Some fields on Alarm Display tab were changed to pcspecific.

[v2.3 2/20/01]
- Updated owner constant strategy.

[v2.4 2/24/01]
- Enhanced both Alarm Screen elapsed timers midnight rollover code.

[v2.5 3/24/01]
- Fixed alarm recognition routine when used on network client.

[v2.6 6/10/01]
- Fixed problem with message box asking user to save changes when rebooting.  
- Now compatible with ADI auto-reboot (ADI version 1.14 and higher).

[v2.7 6/19/01]
- Changed color of PC specific fields in Configuration to blue for clarity.
- Reformatted layout of Screen 4,5 and 6 in Configuration.

[v2.8 8/20/01]
- Enabled ability to go into Config Mode at startup using /Program on command line.

[v2.9 9/9/01]
- Added textual effects capability to Screen 5 & 6. FSID.cfg expanded.

[v2.10 9/18/01]
- Fixed problem with inactivity timer so that prompt won't display prior to programmed delay time.

[v2.11 10/2/01]
- Added labels on Configuration Screens 4, 5 and 6 to indicate run status of respective Alternate Schedule.
- Ampersand '&' character now properly displays on all screens.

[v2.12 10/22/01]
- Relocated help file to \Help folder under \FSID.

[v2.13 9/1/02]
- Increased sALARMINFO size to 25.

[v3.0 9/30/02]
- Fixed sALARMINFO dimension problem from v2.13.
- Added Electronic Sign capabilities for dispatches only.

[v3.1 10/22/02]
- Added Error Desc info if unable to save config.

[v3.2 11/5/02]
- Implemented Sign output of screens 2,4,5,6,7.

[v3.3 11/27/02]
- frmRestart again set to stay on top.

[v3.4 12/20/02]
- Time now displayed on LED Sign Screen #2.
- All "+" concatenations changed to "&".

[v3.5 1/6/03]
- Added mouse movement detection option to Screens 1-7.

[v3.6 2/5/03]
- Added Baud Rate selector for transmitting data to signs.
- Fixed Screen 5 and 6 so they do not hang when font size is not an integer.

[v3.7 7/15/03]
- Added ability to restrict users from accessing screens other than 4,5 and 6 based on password.
- Added data burst delay field to slow info transmitted to signs.
- Admin password now accepts alphanumeric entries.
- Added command buttons on Sign Config screen to manually send commands to signs.
- Refined data that is streamed to signs from FSID.

[v3.8 11/19/03]
- New owner customization routine written.

[v3.9 12/12/03]
- Fixed: Signs no longer display "The following members have mail waiting:" when Screen 7 has been disabled in the Configuration.

[v4.0 5/30/04]
- Splash screen redesigned.
- FSID now runs as a windows service in order to accommodate LED signs.

[v4.1 6/14/04]
- Redesigned screens 2,3 and 8.

[v5.0 8/1/04]
- Added speech synthesis to FSID on alarm. ADI v5.2 or higher required for full compatibility.
- Fixed: Replacement alarm screens now properly display.
- Added Test button next to each audio field.

[v5.2 8/13/04]
- Fixed: Assigned Unit Translation Table now properly manipulates the highlighted cell when scrolled. Other minor cosmetic changes to Alarm Audio tab.
- Screen 2 background is no longer dithered when displaying an image.

[v5.3 8/22/04]
- Increased Assigned Unit Translation Table capacity to 25.
- Added ability to say Location of incident.
- Fixed: Now able to recognize <4 digit Final Type Codes in FSID.cad.

[v5.4 8/29/04]
- Fixed: Password form no longer appears when user logs off / restarts Windows.

[v5.5 9/4/04]
- Fixed: Added message boxes when incorrect passwords are entered. Finalized v5.4 fixes.

[v5.6 10/30/04]
- Forced all network paths to use UNC Convention. Removed Truncate Drive Letter option on General screen.
- FSID now saves Location Translation Table in fsid.cfg2 file.

[v5.7 11/29/04]
- File path text boxes are no longer locked. Double-click now required to browse.

[v6.0 4/15/05]
- Fixed: Interval Alarm Voice message no longer tailgates initial dispatch message.
- Fixed: Alarm screen would cause some computers to lock up. Rectified.
- FSID is now county specific.
- Data Exchange Array capacity increased. sALARMINFO(50).

[v6.1 5/25/05]
- Added an option to allow FSID to run on a work station with no defined sound card / drivers.

[v6.2 7/13/05]
- Added Recent Incidents screen 9 to program. ADI v6.18 or higher is required for it to function.
- Refined sign memory allocation.
- Added sign data sending status indicator to splash screen.

[v6.3 9/6/06]
- Added functionality for Genesee County.

[v6.4 4/28/07]
- Added a Windows System Properties button to the SignConfig form.



Rapid Page Revision History

[v1.0 8/15/05]
- Program originally released.

[v1.1 9/25/05]
- Added View button so that Alert Group membership could be easily displayed.
- Appended 'Msg sent from' line to end of all messages.

[v1.2 2/20/06]
- Corrected issue where RP would not correctly authenticate to SMTP server.

[v1.3 10/28/06]
- Added seconds to Trace filename.

[v1.4 1/22/07]
- Increased maximum providers and users to 250.

[v1.5 4/14/07]
- Demonstration mode nag text appended to messages.

[v1.6 4/22/07]
- Now looks for ADI in default path of C:\Program Files\FDCMS.

[v1.7 4/25/07]
- Now looks for ADI in default path of C:\Program Files\FDCMS\Alarm Data Interface.

[v1.8 11/21/07]
- Duplicate dispatches when multiple profiles used the same provider has been fixed.

[v1.9 12/17/07]
- Message time now correctly displays time based on local time zone.